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Blog Title: burner does not ignite in water heater

Main Que: The burner does not ingite in our water heater, what may be wrong?

  • Category: 80 Gallon Water Heater Maintenance
  • Query By: PERRY ROJAS (Allentown, PA)
  • Date: 04/29/2013

Answer: "See are the electricity, gas and water turned ON and supply a tankless unit with no problems. Ensure the gas type and pressure are correct and the gas line is properly sized. Bleed all the air from the gas line. Check are the flame rod and wiring harness operational, not loose, out of position or damaged. Does the gas control valve open at all or there is a short circuit? Is the vent system installed correctly and has a proper length? Is there an excessive condensation that can distinguish the flame? Is the flow rate over its recommended minimum? Ensure the flow sensor is working properly. "

  • Replied By: ALBERT STEWART (Westland, MI)
  • Replied Date: 05/01/2013