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Blog Title: how to install hybrid water heater

Main Que: How do you install a hybrid hot water heater?

  • Category: Installing Electric Water Heaters
  • Query By: MARY SMITH (Carson, CA)
  • Date: 12/08/2013

Answer: "A water heater must be installed based on the instructions of the owner manual, as well as local codes, utility codes, utility company requirements. The installation of a hybrid water heater is very similar to a storage tank water heater. When it comes to installation of products like these, it is always recommended that you hire a professional to do the job. Water heaters deal with hot water, electric components, gas components and more. Hence, as one could tell, it is always risky when working with such equipment. One needs to be absolutely sure about the work they are doing and hence, a customer should at least hire a professional to look through the work to make sure everything is done correctly. Furthermore, there are various government requirements which needs to be met as well. Almost all of the water connection point, fuel connection and electrical connection as similar to that that of the storage tank water heater. Hence, if you are replacing a storage tank water heater with a hybrid water heater, most of the work is already done. Most of the weight of a hybrid water heater is located on the top where the heat pump component is, hence make sure that you handle it with care. Refer to the quick install sheet which comes with the water heater to make sure your room has proper size and ventilation. Have enough clearance around the water heater as required by the manufacturer. Make sure that the hot and cold water connection of the water heater does not hinder the removal of the air filter screening on top of the water heater. 1. Be sure that the breaker to the water heater is turned off. 2. Connect the water inlet and outlet lines, exactly as you would do for a traditional water heater. Furthermore, just like a traditional installation, make sure to place a shutoff valve on the cold water line to ensure turning off of water whenever required. 3. The electrical connection of most of the hybrid water heater is located on top of the system, just like traditional water heaters. Connect the two electrical lines. 4. A drain pipe needs to be installed at the drainage outlet of the water heater. For most of the hybrid water heaters, this is located at the top as well. The primary drain is intended to carry all the condensate away from the water heater. It is highly important that this line is installed leading down to a location where the condensate can be drained. Use a PVC pipe and a condensate drain pump should be installed if there is no suitable location for drainage. 5. Although the upper overflow drain is not needed to be routed, it is important as it is an indicator of a clogged primary drain. If the main condensate line is clogged, the upper drain will work as the main line and stop the condensation from going back in the system. 6. Now fill the unit with water. Be sure to open a hot water faucet in the house to vent the tank so as to make sure there are not sediments as well as bubbles. Make sure of all your water connections by checking for leaks. 7. Turn on power to the water heater. "

  • Replied By: PAMELA GREEN (Lorain, OH)
  • Replied Date: 01/14/2014